Mahara + Moodle = Mahoodle – Updating them between terms

The Musing

So at MHU we use Moodle extensively, and have been piloting a test install of Mahara for some English faculty that really want to use ePortfolios.

I set Mahara to integrate with Moodle, so that with a single (or more?) click, one can export their work to their Mahara portfolio.

Because of the strange way we do terms in Moodle (each new term is a new Moodle instance with a different URL), the public key was invalid (it’s encoded with the base URL) each time we changed terms.

The Fix

To fix this, simply go into Moodle (Networking / Settings) and delete and regenerate the public key. This will create a new key encoded with the new, base URL. Copy this key and login to Mahara as admin, and visit Administration / Institutions and edit the settings for your institution. Specifically, change the URL and update the public key under the XML-RPC authentication settings.

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